[NA] Nextgolf - reserve golf course via chat with concierge [Now available only in Japan]

We launched chat reserve system for golf courses. It is now available only in Japan!

Reserving golf course is pretty hard for some people. It takes time to search and find the one from variety of options.

Therefore we assemble golf course experts to solve this problem.
Golf course experts stand by for requests of golf courses, and we will find the perfect course for them, and reserve on behalf of customers.

You can think of this service as your own “golf“ concierge.

Please find out more from this link below! (in Japanese!)


FireShot Capture 216 - 次のゴルフ by GolfComix – おススメのゴルフ場紹介から予約まで、全てLINEで完結⛳ - https___nextgolf.me_.png