[NA] SHIZEN - World's 1st Golfer Matching Platform website launched

We created world's 1st Golfer Matching Platform. 


Nowadays, we have choices for golf courses, that's for sure. I'm sure there are golf courses in your hometown so that you can pick where to play.

But, if you compare that with choices of people who you can play with, isn't it a bit of closed world? 


As you know, golf is world sport. More than 60 million people play this great sport in 200 countries. (This is the unique numbers!)

Still, how many "golf-friends" do you have? 10s? 100s?

It's not only about the numbers. 

We thought it is better to have choices of people who you play with.


We want all golfers to find good friends, use golf for business communication, and other purposes.


This website (it's still beta!) is for all golfers around the world. 

Search who you want to play with, add, send request. We will find them.